My brother Al and his wife Lea live in Starkville Mississippi. If it was up to Al he would live in a place way out in the country and he would be self-sufficient. He and Lea are kind of doing that now but in the confines of a neighborhood setting.

Al and Lea have turned their entire backyard into a farm. You could call it a garden but in addition to growing over a thousand pounds of food last year they also raise chickens and harvest the eggs and they have installed a decorative pond that they have stocked with catfish. Hey, this is Mississippi and you gotta have catfish.

I have been after my brother to show me how the catfish were doing and I guess the weather finally got warm enough in North Mississippi for him to pull the covers off the pond and stick a camera beneath the surface. It's really a fascinating thing to watch.

If you're into gardening and spending less than a thousand dollars a year on groceries, yes less than a thousand dollars annually, then you need to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.


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