It's no secret that we love our cuisine here in Louisiana. As a matter of fact, we are famous for it. So there's no doubt that we want to celebrate National Foodie Day!

Our state Tourism Dept has some fun places to visit if you want to enjoy local and regional specialties in Louisiana. As we all know, we have different kinds of food in different parts of the state. And just for the record, New Orleans doesn't have cajun food, and Acadiana doesn't specialize in creole dishes. There, I said it! Check out some of my favorite destinations below, and take a peek at the whole list for some fun foodie adventures here in the Bayou State!


  • Buck & Johnny's  - Breaux Bridge
  • Brewery Tours - Louisiana Brewery Trail
  • Southern Food and Beverage Museum - New Orleans
  • Fishing Charters on the Gulf
  • Kayak or Bike up to the Dock for a Bite on the North Shore- Covington, Mandeville
  • Chef Guided Culinary Tours with Patrick Mould - Lafayette
  • Culinary Bike Tours - New Orleans
  • Crawfish Festivals - Breaux Bridge, Shreveport, Lake Charles
  • Crawfish Farm Tours
  • Avery Island - Tabasco Country Store and Plant
  • Louisiana Culinary Trails
  • Cajun Food Tours - Lafayette
  • Herby K and their world famous Shrimp Buster Sandwich - Shreveport
  • Cafe du Monde - New Orleans


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