I was feeling kind of down and depressed this morning and as I was asking my Higher Power for some uplifting advice to spin my day in a positive way I came across a story on the internet that made me smile. It's a small thing but at least "it's a thing" I can find some solace in sharing.

The nugget of knowledge I encountered was this. Left-handed people are better at opening jars than right-handed people. It's not bragging. It's a fact. It has to do with leverage and the jar manufacturers inadvertently gave that gift to those of us who were blessed with the better hand.

The physical action of opening a stuck jar lid comes down to a matter of pushing and pulling. If you think about the jar opening action when done with the left hand on the lid you are actually pulling the lid toward your core. You have more physical leverage and that's why opening a jar with your left hand is easier. It has very little to do with actual strength but more science.

So, the next time you find your self with a stuck ketchup top or a jar of pickles that have not been opened since the Regan years grip the jar with your right hand and leave the lid to your southpaw. You'll be feeling the power of the "pop" of the vacuum seal sooner than you know.

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