You know that little rhyme "Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I poop on company time"? Well, if that's your work day motto, you might want to cut the crap. Literally, because a Japanese company called KDDI created an app that will alert your boss when you've dilly dallied in the bathroom a little too long.

The app was created so employee's can monitor the bathrooms at work and waste less time making unnecessary trips only to find that all of the stalls are in use. According to, "The app uses sensors installed on the stall doors to determine whether they are occupied or available for use." I mean, when you think of it that way the app sounds pretty useful.

But things take a turn for the creepy when you find out that the fun little bathroom stall sensors will also also notify your boss if a toilet stall is occupied for more than 30 minutes

1. Why does my boss need to know how long I'm in the bathroom for and 2. who uses the bathroom for 30 minutes?

30 minutes is a long time! Are people getting a little sleep session in in the stall? And, actually, the answer to that question is yes. Yes, people are really taking naps while sitting on the office toilet. Obviously, this is not everyone, but a 2012 study found that 30% middle-aged businessmen use bathroom stalls to sneak in a little shut eye.

Honestly, that sounds terrible. There is no possible way to sleep comfortably while sitting on the porcelain throne.

Let's all just agree that we won't take naps at work or over use our pooping privileges anymore so this fancy sensor app will stay out of our stalls.

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