Back when I was growing up, there seemed to be like three different kinds of Girl Scout Cookies. Nowadays, it seems like they release three new versions every year.

But I digress because they're all still pretty dang delicious.

The Girl Scouts have just unveiled their newest cookie. It's basically a raspberry version of Thin Mints, except without the mint part.

Girl Scouts of the U.S.
Girl Scouts of the U.S.

They're called Raspberry Rally and they're being billed as the "sister" cookie to the Thin Mints.

Bring. It. On.

They look just like Thin Mints, but on the inside, it is bright pink for the raspberry goodness.

When will Raspberry Rallys be available to purchase?

While you can't purchase them yet, it appears that these delightful treats will be joining the lineup next year.


There is actually a countdown clock on the Girl Scouts website that shows exactly how many days are left until Raspberry Rally goes on sale.

This equates to early January 2023. And they'll also be the Girl Scouts' first "online exclusive" cookie.

Raspberry Rally will be "the first in the Girl Scout Cookie lineup to be exclusively offered for online direct shipment only, enhancing girls' e-commerce sales and entrepreneurial skills."

So, that means you'll still be able to buy them from your local Girl Scouts. However, you have to order them online and they'll get mailed to you.

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