Today is Interim Public Works Director Tom Carroll's last day in the post, and now Lafayette City Parish President Joel Robideaux has named Terry Cordick to fill the post.

Cordick, Public Works Associate Director, will take over the job starting tomorrow, while the search continues for a permanent director.

The job will be handled by a man who served as the Interim Director during November and December of 2015 along with January of 2016.

He also has almost 10 years as the Public Works Department's Associate Director, and he has worked for the department for 27 years.

Tom Carroll served as the Director between 2004 and 2014, with Robideaux asking him back in 2015 while they searched for a new director.

Robideaux said,

“I’m grateful to Tom for his service to the citizens of Lafayette Parish and for his leadership in the aftermath of the August flood. His experience and dedication were invaluable to my administration during our first year and a half."

Earlier this year, Carroll announced that we would be ending his service to the department as of the end of May.




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