Parents of Lafayette High School students are used to getting a phone call almost daily from the school system's automated phone tree. This system is how the school provides information to parents of students on events and changes regarding school policy, classroom schedules, and other helpful information that parents need to know.

Last night many Lafayette High parents received a call from the the automated system that has probably created more questions and very few answers. The good news, if your child drives to Lafayette High and they have an approved parking decal for their automobile today should not be any different as far as parking goes.

If your child has been parking along Foreman Drive which runs adjacent to the school near the football field then that is where the changes have been made. Here is a portion of the text of last night's phone message that was sent out by Lafayette High.

The City of Lafayette Parking Enforcement Division has ordered there to be no more parking on Foreman Drive effective immediately. Vehicles parking in this area at any time may be ticketed and/or towed.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but Lafayette High does not have any control or authority in this decision and any actions which may be taken. We are working on possible solutions with LPSS and will advise if and when any other parking options become available.

I would suggest that you heed the warning and remind your student not to park along Foreman Drive in the foreseeable future. As you  might expect traffic will be a little more congested along Foreman Drive during the morning hours as students find new places to park.

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