LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - It's no secret that Interstate 10 is used to traffic illegal drugs across Louisiana.

A New Orleans man found out the hard way that not only are local law enforcement authorities on the lookout for these often deadly narcotics but will be proactive and persistent at catching suspicious criminals.

A significant bust is being reported by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, who is praising their deputy - Staff Sergeant Trevor Picard - for following through with what they see is a substantial amount of heroin "from entering our community."

During a traffic stop last week, Staff Sergeant Picard initiated a traffic stop on I-10 in Lafayette Parish. The Sheriff's Office says the driver - 43-year-old Shawn Williams - initially denied consent for a search of the vehicle. Probable cause to search the vehicle was established throughout the interaction, says LPSO, and a vacuum-sealed bag containing approximately 218 grams of heroin was found beneath the driver's seat. That's nearly half a pound of the deadly substance.

Williams was arrested and was charged with the following:
  • Possession with the Intent to Distribute Schedule I Controlled Dangerous Substances
Lafayette Parish Correctional Center 2, photo by KPEL
Photo by KPEL

Arrest records show Williams was booked on Wednesday, June 7th. He still sits in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on a bond of $60,000.00. He is still awaiting his court date.

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