A new Bravo Network reality series set in Louisiana, which spent less than half of its $3.7 million budget in the state, is seeking to obtain lucrative tax credits offered to the production industry.

Southern Charm New Orleans is the lastest installment of a Bravo franchise that highlights aristocratic southerners and their outlandish lifestyles. The show follows several people from New Orleans including a local TV host, a former New Orleans Saint and his debutant wife, a businessman and others.

Producers filed documents with the state's film commission, outlining an anticipated spending of $981,354 over the course of an initial 70 days of filming. They also reported needing 26 employees with a Louisiana salary budget of $879,304.

However, producers listed the entire production budget at $3,735,963.

Documents filed with the state indicated that the show may continue shooting through April 2019.

In case you are wondering if the state has given the entire $3.7 million worth of tax credits, that hasn't happened yet. No tax credits have been granted, though that is not unusual. It could take up to 24 months for tax credit applications to be approved and received by the production company.

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