If you're not a fan of the University of Alabama's football program you've probably asked yourself, "How does Nick Saban get all these outstanding recruits to come to Tuscaloosa"? Well, the answer could be summed up in two words, Cupid Shuffle.

Who knew Coach Saban was so light and white on his feet.

That's a Facebook video of Coach Saban dancing with the family of Eddie Smith, a highly regarded athlete from Salmen High School here in Louisiana. Smith had originally announced plans to attend TCU but de-committed from that program last month.

Since that announcement, the college football world has been beating a path to his door in hopes of securing his talents on the football field for their particular university.  That's why Coach Saban and his slick dance moves were in the Smith household in Slidell recently.

There has been no official announcement from Smith as to whether or not Coach Saban's moves were slick enough to woo him to Alabama. There could still be time for Ed Orgeron to Whip and or Nae Nae his way into keeping Smith in-state for LSU. I think that's a video all of us are waiting to see.

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