The New Orleans Archdiocese has released the names of 57 priests dating back to 1917 who had credible allegations of child sexual abuse against them while in the ministry. Archbishop Gregory Aymond says they voluntarily released the list help facilitate the healing process for victims and parishioners in New Orleans.

“Jesus has said the truth will set you free, and so the truth is out there, and we feel that ultimately it will lead us to freedom.”

Aymond did not note how many claims were deemed uncredible, but says in order to move forward the church needed to address the issue.

“We’ve been honest and 57 cases are 57 too many, but we are going to be totally transparent, and we belive in justice.”

Aymond says he hopes the list, which gives the name of the pastor, the date of the allegations, their assignment history, including schools, and the date they were removed from, or left the ministry, will help the church move forward.

“This is a new day, a new chapter. It’s all out there, we’ve been transparent, and we’re going to pursue justice.”


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