The first of four Confederate monuments came down in New Orleans this morning under the cover of darkness. Sounds like a movie trailer, right? Well according to reporting from that’s exactly how it happened. Workers arrived just after 2:15 this morning to the Battle of Liberty monument near the Morial Convention Center in the Warehouse district. They were in flatbed trucks with the company name covered. The workers wore black vests with hard hats and pieces of cloth covering their faces. One could only assume this was to hide their identity.

The issue of removing monuments has led to the violent back and forth between New Orleans city government who have pushed for the removal and opponents who think they should stay. Back in December 2015, New Orleans city council voted to remove the statues of Gen Robert E. Lee, General Beauregard, Confederate President Jefferon Davis and the statue removed today, The battle of liberty place monument. Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the removal is part of an effort to honor diversity in the city.

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