An investigation is underway after an off-duty California police officer fired his weapon during an incident with a group of teens.

According to the LAPD, the officer has been placed on administrative leave and is cooperating with the ongoing investigation into a confrontation that allegedly began in front of his home.

The encounter began in front of the officer's Anaheim home stemming from ongoing issues with juveniles walking across his property

The Anaheim officer says a 13-year-old boy threatened to shoot him. The officer then tried to detain the boy until police arrived which turned into a tug of war over the boy's backpack and sweatshirt.

The boy's mother says her son said he was going to "sue," not "shoot" the officer.

Multiple videos of the confrontation have been uploaded to social media showing the officer grabbing the 13-year-old by his shirt and his backpack. A group of teens surround the pair as they argue—many of them filming with their smartphones.

As the situation continues to escalate the boy stumbles with the officer, who then tries to drag him over a row of hedges that separates two lawns. At this point, more of the boys teenage friends try to pull him away from the officer when he is seen pulling a gun from his waistband.

At least one shot is heard being fired.

No one was injured and the officer admitted to firing his weapon when police arrived. According to ABC News, two teenagers were arrested

one on charges of criminal threats and battery and another for assault and battery

A woman on Facebook claiming to be the boy's mother said the video was "devastating" and "disturbing," adding that "no one called the police."

The two adults in the video wanted to take matter[s] into their own hands.

She also claimed that she and her son have an attorney and made a request to anyone with additional video footage to come forward. As for the officer, a report from ABC News said he was placed on administrative leave during the investigation while another report claimed he had been assigned to "non-field duties."

Based on what can be seen in the video footage, do you believe the officer was out of line?

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