An OMV employee has been arrested after allegedly overcharging customers. 25-year-old Dequsha Ingram of Sunshine was charged after a Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles supervisor reported possible fraudulent charges to police.

Senior Louisiana State Trooper Bryan Lee says these crimes were detected after wary customers took action.
“There were a couple customers who felt like they were overcharged and spoke with supervisors at the OMV and alerted them that this had taken place and that’s how we find a lot of things.”

Lee says becoming prey to these kinds of crimes can be easily avoided.

“People should educate themselves, kind of know what’s taking place prior to going. Know the prices for different things, you can look online to find the prices for different services.”

Lee says Ingram was charged with Felony Theft, Injuring Public Records, and Computer Fraud.

“During the course of our investigation we were able to find multiple fraudulent transactions, theft of an excess of $7,000.”

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