Are you familiar with the name Les Nunamaker?

Probably not.

Interestingly enough, the guy you probably never heard of, set a Major League Baseball record that will never be broken.

Nunamker, who played 12 seasons in MLB, was playing catcher for the Yankees on this date, August 3, back in 1914, when he became the last player in baseball history to throw out three base stealers in one inning, accomplishing the feat against the Detroit Tigers.

Chances are, you weren't there.

Think about that; because there are only three out in an inning, that's a record that's impossible to break. It can be equaled, but it can never be broken.

So, while many will argue that Cy Young's 511 career victories are impossible to surpass, they're wrong. Unlikely to surpass? Yes. Impossible? No.

Meanwhile, Nunamaker, who hit a grand total of two career home homes, did something on this date that guaranteed him a spot in the record books, forever, assuming baseball never goes to four outs in an inning.

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