Jack and Ozzy are in Acadiana.

There have been numerous sightings of the rock legend in and around the Acadiana area as Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack have been making their way around town.

A few days ago our friends at Piece of Cake Lafayette shared this photo of Jack and his wife from the Antlers Facebook page.

They posted that in addition to enjoying their meal at Antler's, Jack and his family also enjoyed one of their delicious desserts.

It would make sense to see Jack Osbourne in the area being that his wife is from Jeanerette, but some New Iberia residents got to see another Osbourne in the wild.

Here is a photo of Ozzy Osbourne at Daspit Grocery posted to T'iara Sereal's Facebook page.

I spoke with Victoria Bourque at Daspit Grocery and she confirmed that Ozzy Osbourne was indeed in the store today along with his son Jack and his daughter-in-law, Lisa. Bourque said they had cameras in tow so they were more than likely filming for their 'Ozzy and Jack' reality show.

According to Jack's Instagram page, just yesterday Ozzy was hanging with the family, so hopefully he decides to step out and enjoy more of Cajun Country during his visit.

Have you seen The Osbournes around town? If so, let us know where.

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