Ozzy Osbourne celebrated his hard-fought sobriety on May 12, appearing as a guest of honor at the 10th annual MusiCares benefit and performing a five-song set that included a guest appearance from fellow rock legend Slash.

As we previously reported, Osbourne was on hand to accept thanks for his work on behalf of the MusiCares MAP Fund, which provides access to addiction recovery treatment for musicians in need -- a subject with which Osbourne is well acquainted. Saying he hoped his own well-documented struggles with sobriety would inspire other musicians to seek help, he told Billboard, "Addiction is a disease that a lot of people suffer from, so by getting involved in this it's my way of putting back and helping other musicians who can't afford treatment."

Osbourne received his award from Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, who told the trade, "It's really a battle to get sober. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Ozzy is a real buddy and he has his set of demons, but he's stacked up some days of consecutive sobriety here and he's never been better. He's a new guy and I'm just so happy he hasn't fallen on the side of the road. He's still up and going, nobody knows why or how, but power to him. He's got a clear head and he's a powerful guy when he's sober."

Joking, "Don't get too crazy, you might enjoy yourselves," Osbourne later led his band through a set that included 'I Don't Know,' 'Suicide Solution,' 'Iron Man,' 'Crazy Train,' and closing number 'Paranoid,' which included guitar from Slash, capping a night that Osbourne's fellow honoree, Village CEO Jeff Greenberg, summed up by telling the crowd, "We're all here because we love music, music is the center core of our lives. And this is where we take care of the people who make the music."

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