I generally confine my thoughts about breaking the law to traveling a couple miles an hour over the posted speed or maybe sliding under a changing traffic light. Two men who recently visited Harrah's Casino in New Orleans must have a lower moral threshold than me. I know their intelligence level is lower than mine because nobody in his right mind would try to rip off a casino.

Here's what happened according to a report on NOLA.com. Back in October Perry Watts and another unidentified man went to Harrah's in New Orleans to gamble. While they were there the first night they cashed eleven $100 bills. Watts cashed four and the other man cashed seven.

The next night the two men returned with more phony money. Between them, they cashed 24 $100 bills. Oddly enough the transactions happened at a blackjack table where the dealer from the previous night happened to be working. As of now, no casino employee has been implicated in this crime.

After the fake bills were discovered Watts, who has a previous record of drug and weapons charges, was arrested. The other man was not named in the warrant that was issued for Watts.

Don't be surprised if more arrests are announced at a later date.

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