A local brewery has found some inspiration from a popular chicken-chain for their next limited release adult beverage. Parish Brewing is playing on the, "No slaw, extra toast" order modification at Raising Canes to deliver a Lemonade IPA to beer and chicken lovers alike.

Instagram via @parishbrewingco
Instagram via @parishbrewingco

See the social media announcement from @parishbrewingco on Instagram below.

According to the above announcement, Parish Brewing Co. found some inspiration from the popular chicken-chain with their latest adult beverage. The brewing company is playing on what is presumably one of Canes' most popular order modifications, "No Slaw, Extra Toast".

With a 7% ABV, this Lemonade IPA is no brunch mimosa. With the new brews coming in 4-packs, it seems as tough taking down a couple of these beers could be quite refreshing on hot summer day in South Louisiana.

You can grab yourself a cold one the Parish Brewing Co. taproom this Wednesday or order a 4-Pack online here.

Parish Brewing Co. is all about coming up with unique adult beverages that appease directly to drinkers here in South Louisiana. Check out some of their past limited runs below.

I personally can't wait to give one of these Lemonade IPA's a try. I may even need to get a Box Combo, No Slaw, Extra Toast to pair it with!

Now, don't have too many of these IPA's at once. You'd hate to end up with a hangover...

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