The New Orleans Saints will likely be without one of their defensive backs for an undertermined period of time

Nickel cornerback Patrick Robinson reportedly suffered a high ankle during the Saints' 43-37 overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. was the first to report the injury, which took place late in the second quarter, while Robinson was trying to help make a tackle on a running play.

Robinson's leg was rolled up by a Falcons player who dove for a low block, before the veteran cornerback was taken off on a cart.

So, how long will Robinson be out?

Well, recovery times for high ankle sprains vary, so the recovery time is uncertain until more details on the injury are released,

For Grade 1 sprains, players can usually return in 1-2 weeks, while Grade 2 sprains noramally means the injured player will be out 4-5 weeks.

The Saints will likely be without the services of Robinson for at least one game, but let's hope for the best, and maybe he'll be back soon after that.

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