The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring four potential trouble spots in the Atlantic Basin. There are three tropical waves and a newly formed Tropical Depression. Tropical Depression 11 is about 500 miles east of the Windward Islands. If you're not good at geography, it's way out in the ocean. That's where it's expected to stay and where it's expected to dissipate in a few days.

Elsewhere in the tropics, a tropical wave located just off the west coast of Africa is expected to strengthen. Forecasters have given this area of disturbed weather an 80% probability of becoming a tropical cyclone.

The remaining two tropical waves don't appear to be in a position to affect any major land mass at least any time soon. One of the waves is located about 200 miles south of Bermuda. It's expected to move toward the U.S. East Coast but dissipate before it arrives.

The other wave is located about 900 miles southwest of the Azores Islands and it has a medium, 60%, probability of becoming tropical or subtropical cyclone over the next five days. It should remain out at sea.


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