A Canadian company's plan to build and open a robot brothel in the city of Houston Texas has been derailed by red tape. According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, KinkySDollS has been ordered to stop demolition and construction on their proposed location because of improper building permits.

According to the report if the owners of KinkySDolls want to continue construction they will need to apply for the proper demolition permit and they will be required to submit plans.

As you might imagine there is substantial opposition being voiced by civic, community, and church leaders in the city of Houston. Since robot sex dolls and brothels to display and "try before you buy" are an extremely new technology there are no such ordinances governing this kind of business on the books.

However, city leaders are currently combing over existing ordinances and contemplating drafting new rules and regulations ahead of this particular venture. Mayor Sylvester Turner has suggested that new ordinances would be needed to restrict and regulate businesses such as this.

The Toronto based firm had recently announced via Social Media that Houston would be their first location outside of Canada.

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