Normally, when the cops show up, it means the party is over. Not this time.

Police in Asheville, North Carolina were responding to a call about a giant Slip-N-Slide that had been set up for a Fourth of July celebration. One of the neighborhood dads decided to build it for the kids who were enjoying the annual Independence Day shindig, but at least one neighbor wasn't feeling festive about it, complaining that it was blocking the road.

Once the officers showed up they realized the slide wasn't blocking traffic at all—and instead of shutting it down, they decided to take a ride.

Viral videos show a policewoman going down the slide in a trash bag, while another officer takes a tandem ride on an inflatable raft. One of them is heard saying "my butt is wet" as the raft splashes into the pool of water at the end of the slide.

Something tells me the neighbor who called was none too thrilled if they saw this through their blinds.

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