How much money is enough money to make you pay attention? How much money is enough money to make you dream of retirement? How much money does it take for you to play the Powerball Lottery game. You can play the game right here in Louisiana. All you have to do is be 21 year of age or older and be really lucky.

Saturday night there was no big winner in the Powerball game. That meant that the jackpot would continue to grow until there is a big winner. For Wednesday night's drawing it is expected that a single winning ticket would be worth $348 million. That would be a cash payout of $226.1 million.

The way you play the Powerball game is pretty simple. You choose five numbers. You can do this using your own numbers or have the computers do a quick pick for you. You will also need to pick a Powerball number. Again the computer can do that for you unless you have some lucky numbers. Next you pay the cashier and wait for the drawing.

Obviously responsibility is a big part of playing any game of chance. Don't spend what you can't afford to lose and if you need help with a gambling problem there are people that can help you.

Has the Powerball jackpot gotten large enough for an office pool where you work? Are you the kind that like to be the lone wolf and go out on your own? Regardless somebody, maybe even you, could be in a better financial situation late Wednesday night.

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