Rickey Boudreaux, with the Youngsville Police Department, has posted an update on Facebook claiming the person in the above photos has been identified and located.

According to Chief Boudreaux, the woman claims she is an animal lover who was simply dumpster diving and would never dump puppies off the way some were suggesting on social media.

The woman told Boudreaux she let the puppies out to use the restroom and put them back into the car before taking what she wanted from the dumpster and driving away.

The owner of the property on which the dumpster sits told me that they have had major issues with people dumping things on their property near the dumpster. From mattresses to crawfish tails, people have dumped numerous things both in and around their dumpster.

The owner went on to say the biggest problem isn't the actual illegal use of their dumpster, but the terrible mess that people usually leave behind.

For the record, in Louisiana, it is illegal to use someone else's dumpster, but for dumpster diving, the rules aren't so straightforward. It is legal to dumpster dive for recyclable items like aluminum cans, but it is illegal to dumpster dive for personal or private information.

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Do you recognize this person?

If so, they may have answers to questions that many are posting to social media under a photo that has been shared nearly 1000 times.

The image shows someone holding what looks like at least two puppies or other small animals. According to witnesses, this is believed to have taken place behind the Cajun Fitness in Youngsville.

It is also suspected that the small animals that are seen in the arms of the person in question were abandoned—either near the dumpster, or worse, inside the dumpster. According to comments underneath the photo posted to social media by Lisa Leger-Primeaux, the animals "didn't make it."

Witnesses who were training at Cajun Fitness claim to have seen the vehicle in the photo driving away, but questions still surround the images.

If you or someone you know happens to recognize the person in these images, it is quite possible they can shed some light on those questions.

If you have any information, please contact the Youngsville Police Department at 337-856-5931.

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