Kristen Petitjean thought she was just supporting her boyfriend, Jay Bell, as he performed at the Oasis Belly Dance Studio Gala, but then "Marry Me" started playing and their engagement quickly became the star of the show.

The Ragin' Cajun college sweethearts met through UL Lafayette’s Student Orientation Staff in 2013, but even after 4 years together Kristen was completely surprised by the proposal. According to Jay, "Kristen always made it known that her only wish for a proposal was that their families and friends be present", so he knew the Oasis Belly Dance Studio Gala was the perfect time to pop the question.

And if all of this wasn't perfect enough, this year’s Gala was in UL’s Burke-Hawthorne Theatre, located right across the street from where Jay and Kristen first met 4 years ago.

With an audience filled with family and friends, Jay took to the stage dancing to Marian Hill "I Want You". About one minute into his performance Kristen is ushered to the stage and Jay's surprise proposal starts falling perfectly into place.

Kristen is clearly confused as she sit's on the stage with Jay dancing around her, but as the music changes to Jason Derulo "Marry Me" she quickly figures out what's about to happen.

The video of Jay's June 10th performance/proposal (performposal?) has been viewed over 4,000 times on Facebook. Good thing the camera was rolling, because an epic engagement like this definitely deserves an encore!  

Congrats Jay and Kristen!

[via Jay Bell]

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