Colin Kaepernick has yet to sign with a NFL team and many within the league and outside the league are asking why. Now, a future hall of famer explains why Kaepernick may not be on a NFL team.

Ray Lewis, a former Baltimore Raven, explained just how close the Raves were to signing Kaepernick, but then his girlfriend sent out a Tweet that changed everything.

The Tweet compared Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and Lewis to a slave and a slave owner...And that was the end of those discussions.

While on “Inside The NFL” Ray Lewis said he was fighting to get Kaepernick to Baltimore, then Kaepernick's girlfriend sent the Tweet, which you can see below.

The former Ravens star says that had Kaepernick's girlfriend NOT sent the Tweet, he would probably be a Baltimore Raven this season.

Other analysts have suggested that its not Kaepernick's skills keeping him out of the league more than it is those surrounding him.

What do you think?

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