The Ragin' Cajun Athletic Foundation set another record for the annual fund in 2016.

Contributions to the annual fund totaled $2.168 million, an increase from 2.165 million set last year.

In addition, $10.872 million in total cash and pledges was raised by the RCAF with total cash contributions totaling $8.109 million.

Total campaign pledges for the fiscal year totaled $2.762 million with over 300 new donors.

"To raise over $10 million with everything this community has endured in the last year is remarkable," RCAF Executive Director Jim Harris said. "It is a testament to the loyal donors and fans that make up Ragin' Cajuns Nation. There are a lot of people who had a hand in this achievement. From the RCAF staff - Stefni Lotief, Gerald Hebert, Danika Arenibas, Kali Judice and Susan Breaux, to the Advancement staff led by John Blohm to the UL Foundation staff led by Julie Falgout.

"Not to mention the hard work of former Director of Athletics Scott Farmer and all of the coaches who raise money for their individual sport programs. Finally, the RCAF Board led by outgoing Chair Robert Daigle. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the wonderful achievement."

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