There will be organized protesters at Friday's Bill Cassidy Town Hall The recordings have been authenticated by KPEL News. James Proctor, who can be heard speaking in the recording, says he does live in the Acadiana area. Proctor says some of his comments were taken out of context as the published recording is only a portion of the hour and a half long meeting. He works with the group Indivisible Guide. The groups name can be heard on the recording of the meeting. Proctor called into the KPEL newsroom and was interviewed by Bernadette Lee.

Proctor brought up some concerns about the Affordable Care Act as his reason to be involved in the protest against Senator Bill Cassidy. He claims his words likening Breaux Bridge police officers to "Barnie Fife" were misinterpreted.

Senator Bill Cassidy's town hall meeting is scheduled at Breaux Bridge City Hall on Friday, February 24th at 9:30 am. KPEL News has reached to Senator Cassidy's office and will have further reporting on this recording today.

James Proctor will join "Acadiana's Morning News" to discuss his reasons for taking part in the demonstration tomorrow morning at 7:35 by phone. We'll continue to update this story as reporting continues on it.

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