I just saw one of the most insightful documentaries in a long time. I couldn't wait to tell my friends and co-workers about it when I got into work Monday morning. We had the idea for Rob's Netflix Movie Club (a la The Oprah Book Club) in the KPEL newsroom and thought it would be fun to have our listeners and readers watch along with us. Who hasn't asked their friend, what's on Netflix. I'm your friend and I suggest "Get Me Roger Stone".

"Get Me Roger Stone" is a Netflix documentary about the powerhouse republican political strategist. Stone worked for a time on the 2016 Donald Trump Presidential campaign and that time is documented in the movie. It also covers his so-called "rules" the Roger Stone has his clients follow when they are in the fight for political office. His methods are not nice, but they are clearly effective. What do you think? Grab the remote. Pop some popcorn. Turn on the TV and spend an hour and 40 minutes in awe. The documentary has a TV-MA rating because of language. It's raw and real.

This will give you a completely different view of the American national political system and how things happen in Washington. I'm an eternal skeptic, so I was waiting for the other side of the story. It seems like Stone was very much involved in the project. We're working to contact Director Dylan Bank for an interview on KPEL.

Email your thoughts on the movie to rob@kpel965.com

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