Probably the most famous bus passenger in the world is Rosa Parks, whose refusal to yield her seat to a white person helped spark the fight against racial segregation. That very same Rosa Parks used to live in Abbeville.

According to this story from Alabama Pioneers website, Rosa Park's childhood home is the oldest structure still standing in Abbeville. Placed on the National Historic Registry in 1978, the home has been restored and is now owned by the Abbeville Chamber of Commerce. The home is about 2 hours from Montgomery, where the famous bus ride took place.

Google Maps Rosa Parks Abbeville

The house was over 70 years old when Parks was born. It features a simple tin roof and 2 chimneys.

Rosa Parks only lived in Abbeville for a short time, but the town is very proud to be able to keep up her childhood home.

Google Maps Rosa Parks Sign

The next time you find yourself on Alabama State Route 10 near the Alabama/Georgia line, take the time to drive by a little piece of history!