If your idea of the perfect Christmas morning involves quirky sweaters, hot cocoa, and reading stories by a crackling fire then you better make sure your air conditioner is working and the power bill has been paid. The way the forecast for next Monday and Tuesday is shaping up that would be the only way you could survive the day without having a heat stroke.

Forecasters are fine-tuning their prognostication for Santa's arrival into South Louisiana on Christmas Eve. As of right now, the forecast looks more springlike than it does Christmasey. Don't get me wrong, there will be some colder weather this week. It will just come and go before Santa arrives.

As you can see by this video the Jolly Old Elf doesn't fair as well with sand and sunshine as he does with his preferred ice and snow.

But don't worry about Santa having a tough time flying into South Louisiana. It seems our mud and sludge requires similar driving skills as those needed to negotiate winter precipitation. So, I think Santa and his reindeer will handling things just fine.

Forecasters are suggesting that by the time Christmas Eve rolls around next Monday temperatures across South Louisiana will be slightly above normal for this time of year. Forecasters say a high temperature of 70 degrees or more is likely for Christmas Day.

Of course, there will be a lot of humidity to deal with as well. That might mean holiday hairstyles will have to be propped up by artificial means in order to look their best. There will also be a slight risk of showers in the area for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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