This accident could have ended a lot worse than it did.

The Louisiana State Trooper Facebook page posted a frightening video to their Facebook page showing an impaired driver swerving on and off Interstate 12 just west of Hammond.
You can hear the driver and the passenger on the phone with 911, describing the driver's erratic behavior when all of a sudden you see the Dodge pickup slam into the rear of a Louisiana State Trooper's SUV.

According to an official statement from State Police

On Saturday January 21, 2017, shortly after noon, Louisiana State Troopers began receiving several emergency calls in reference to a vehicle being driven erratically on Interstate 12 westbound west of Hammond, LA. The callers would ultimately witness the vehicle crash into the rear of a Louisiana State Trooper as the Trooper was attempting to position himself to stop the target vehicle.

Tennessee resident Kyle Nadler was traveling westbound on Interstate 12 when he witnessed a Dodge truck being driven erratically. Nadler and his sister calmly called 911, provided authorities with a vehicle description, and continually updated the exact location of the truck as it continued westbound on I-12. Furthermore, Nadler and other motorists positioned themselves in a manner that prevented additional westbound traffic from approaching the unpredictable driver. As Nadler was relaying the position of the truck, 911 operators and Troop personnel were updating responding Troopers. The closest Trooper was able to position his unit on the right shoulder of I-12 west of the Pumpkin Center exit. As the truck approached the Trooper, it veered off the right lane and crashed into the rear of the Trooper’s unit. Troopers suspect the driver of the truck, Bradley Burch, was impaired on heroin at the time of the crash. Burch and the Trooper both sustained minor injuries in the crash.

Burch was arrested and booked into the Tangipahoa Parish Jail for DWI, Reckless Operation, and Driving with a Suspended License. Troopers would like to remind motorists to remain vigilant while traveling. These callers exemplified the proper approach to notifying law enforcement of a dangerous impaired driver. Louisiana motorists wishing to inform Troopers of dangerous roadway conditions are reminded to call *LSP [*577] to be connected with their nearest Troop.

Just another reminder to NEVER drive while impaired and to always be alert and undistracted while driving—especially on the interstate, where vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

Thankfully no one was seriously injured, or worse.

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