A photo is circulating around Facebook of a Scott Police Officer named Cody Savoie holding a basket filled with toys.

According to the social media post, Cody fills the basket up with toys and keeps it in his patrol unit. He does this so that when he sees kids in the community he has something to give them.

Officer Savoie also allows kids to see his unit (lights and sirens) while he visits with them on the streets of Scott. Cody does this in hopes of educating kids on police.

The officer wants kids to know that the police are there to help them, not hurt them. He isn't told to do this, he does this because he wants to.

Its gestures like this that can make this country and world a better place. We all have to do our part, small or large.

We want to salute Officer Cody Savoie for doing what he's doing and we also want to THANK HIM for reaching out to the kids in his community.

We need more Cody Savoie's in this world. Nice work, Officer.


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