Is Sean Payton already done with retirement?

It hasn't even been three weeks since the longtime New Orleans Saints Head Coach announced he was leaving the franchise and he's already interviewing for jobs.

During the week, Saints Defensive End Cam Jordan said he does not believe Payton is done coaching in the NFL and that Payton wants to coach in a bigger market.

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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So, is Payton using Super Bowl Week to position himself for a coaching job in a larger market?

"I want to do TV," Payton said in this article. "I'm really here because I'm going to interview with some network people."

Turns out Payton seems to have more of an itch for TV as he has so far dismissed the coaching rumors and wants to have something more permanent than just guest analyst appearances.

Payton spoke with Rich Eisen about his excitement and desire to delve more into the world of broadcast.

Payton left the Black & Gold in much better shape than he found it 16 seasons ago. Under Payton, the Saints reached three NFC Championship Games - winning one over the Minnesota Vikings - and won their first and only Super Bowl over the Indianapolis Colts. According to, New Orleans won six NFC South titles and nine playoff game victories - keep in mind the Saints only won one playoff game before Payton's arrival.

Overall (including playoffs), Payton led the Saints to 155 wins and 93 losses. That's a .625 winning percentage.

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