Did you grow up in Lake Charles, LA? Did you know that the I-210 Bridge was at one time considered among the most beautiful bridges in the country? Well, it was according to the narrator of this old video on the history of Lake Charles. The old cars and 70s/80s era fashions are entertaining, to say the least.

Set back in 1981, this video from Louisiana Public Broadcasting features a ton of old-school footage from around the city! Several city and state officials, MSU President talks about John McNeese, his legacy, and how Lake Charles got funding to build the university. No longer standing the video features the Memorial Peace Tower also known as the "World's Largest Birdhouse."

It had aluminum birdhouses for the purple martin and was located west of the Civic Center, near the beach. The tower was dedicated as a memorial to peace and in honor of the men and women from SWLA who served in the Vietnam War. Interestingly enough the video pre-dates the famous Capitol One Tower!

There are several shots of downtown Lake Charles, the Lakefront, the I-10 bridge and beach, and the Civic Center. Noticeably missing is the iconic building with green glass, which didn't open until 1983. Enjoy going back in time and touring the Growing Metropolis of Lake Charles, LA in 1981!

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