The accolades continue for now-former Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Some fans were very surprised when Drew made his decision official on March 14. Other fans said they just knew it was coming. For so many, it's a bittersweet time; they are excited for Brees' next part of his life, but they will miss him as the team's quarterback.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy has announced, via press release, that he has written up a resolution to the U.S. Senate that honors Drew Brees. You can click here to see a copy of the whole resolution.

Saints' fans were all over the place when it came to Drew Brees' decision to even come to New Orleans. He was a player with a past injury. Eventually, he brought the team to a Super Bowl win. Along the way, he helped no only the team, but the city, rally around each other with a team that everyone was getting behind. After Katrina, for the first home game in the Superdome, you could feel the power of change coming into the city.

Kennedy says.

Drew Brees is forever a Saint and a Louisiana hero. His refusal to be beaten on and off the field has inspired a city and state through tough times. On the 20th anniversary of Brees's success as an NFL quarterback, I join countless Louisianians in honoring this Super Bowl champion.

Fifteen of the two years that Drew Brees spent in the NFL were spent with the New Orleans Saints.

As Kennedy's press release points out the following are some of the many accomplishments of Drew Brees:

He holds the record for most career passing yards.

he hold the record for the most career completions in the National Football League.

It was Drew Brees that helped to propel the team to win a Super Bowl victory in 201o.

He was the Super Bowl MVP. (Super Bowl XLIV).

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