For most of us, we think of the Atchafalaya Basin as a place where we're in greater danger from alligators than we are from sharks. That probably is true but at least this weekend sharks made their presence known on two different occasions. While these catches might not have been actually in The Basin, they're close enough as far as I'm concerned.

That's a post from Ali Provost's Facebook page and that is a shark you see on the end of her line. The four-foot bull shark was landed near the boat launch in Charenton.

That's another view of the unexpected catch in the Provosts' boat. Meanwhile, just a few miles further south closer to Cypremort Point Chad Boudreaux shared this picture with KATC TV 3.


Chad Boudreaux via KATC
Chad Boudreaux via KATC

That's a picture of one of two bull sharks he landed near the beach on Saturday. It's really not uncommon to see sharks in this part of the state especially during this part of the year.

Researchers believe the area between Sabine Pass in Calcasieu Parish extending southward along the Texas coast is a nursery area for bull sharks. So the fact that a few of those animals have slipped a little further to the east isn't that big of a surprise.

As a rule bull sharks are not predatory toward humans, however, any animal when provoked will certainly protect itself. Those teeth look like they would tell a cautionary tale of "leave me alone".

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