Reports of alleged shots fired Saturday night on Jefferson Street during Festival International de Louisiane are unwarranted despite reports from purported eyewitnesses.

Some festival goers have reported, via social media, that there were shots fired into the air near Marley's Sports Bar on Jefferson Street bar at approximately 11:00 p.m. Other sources said officers were on the area telling the throng nearby to seek shelter when the shots were supposedly fired.

Lafayette Police spokesperson Paul Mouton said he was on duty providing security for the festival Saturday evening when the incident allegedly happened. He said there were no shots fired while he was on the scene on Jefferson Street.

"When that call came in, and when these people were alleging something happened, I was standing downtown at the Jefferson Street Pub," Mouton recalled. "There were no shots fired. I was there."

Though Mouton said he neither saw, nor heard, any shots fired, he said any eyewitnesses who saw anyone fire shots, should call the Lafayette Police Department to share information on the incident.


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