This isn't your everyday American Sign Language interpreter.

American Sign Language interpreter Holly Maniatty is known for getting into the groove when she interprets live performances. As a matter of fact, it's what she's known for—and this year her interpreting at Jazz Fest was no exception.

Maniatty was getting just as much attention as Snoop at times due to her amazing interpreting. According to an article published by Huffington Post, she has done multiple genres, but hip hop is definitely her wheelhouse.

We watch a lot of videos on them performing live. We do a lot of research on where they came from and in the process of that, learning where they move on stage, and how they hold their body, how they hit a beat really hard, or a word of a song really hard, and how they annunciate their body. We do a lot of that and you know a lot of listening to the music and a lot of research where they came from.

I missed Jazz Fest this year, and now I'm looking forward to catching it next year in hopes of seeing Maniatty killing it to whoever is playing the main stage.

Hats off to Holly and others like her who bring these amazing performances to life for so many.

And with so much swag!


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