Everybody wants to be liked, and that is especially true if you are spending a lot of time with them. Your office can be a precarious place to be if you are not well liked. And I'm not talking about the occasional spat with a co worker, but a general display of coldness when you show up in a room or at events. Yikes!

USA Today has a few signs that your co workers don't like you, and I got anxiety just reading the title of the article. 2018 might be the time to start a change, y'all.

  • You're invisible - co workers not making eye contact and avoiding you
  • You're the talk of the office - and not in a god way. If people are whispering about you, that is definitely not a good thing.
  • Body Language - sneering, rolling eyes, or high tailing it away from you when you walk in a room are never good signs
  • You're always in the dog house - being in trouble at work is not fun. Trust me on this one.
  • People don't trust you - trust is extremely important in the workplace, and once you lose that, it's all downhill from there
  • People talk down to you - this can be extremely frustrating, and people being condescending to you at your office is a bummer
  • You're not welcome at after hours events - this can also go for socializing around the water cooler as well. Nothing makes you feel more isolated than co workers not inviting you to do fun things