Angel Trahan wants to remind all parents to "keep your babies close."

Trahan walked into the women's restroom inside of the Carencro Walmart and much to her surprise a man walked out of a stall after using the restroom. She posted a video on Facebook, expressing her outrage and warning parents to "NEVER let your daughter go into a restroom alone."

Soon, Trahan realized the man she saw in the bathroom may have some mental issues.

It has been brought to my attention that the man in this video is mentally slow. He can not read or write and has no caretaker. People want to advocate for mental health services and awareness well here you are. Prime example, this man has no one to watch him and care for him so incidents like this happen and it can be scary.

Even though she was upset before understanding the full scope of the situation, she still wanted to warn parents to never let their children go into public restrooms alone.


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