Two-time Super Bowl champion Brandon Browner last played in the NFL in 2015 as a starting cornerback and defensive captain for the New Orleans Saints.

After one disappointing season in New Orleans, he was cut, has not played in the NFL since, and has been arrested multiple times.

The most recent arrest is for a long list of felony charges, including kidnapping, false imprisonment, and violation of a restraining order, as first reported by NBC Los Angeles.

According to the La Verne police report, Browner broke into the residence of a victim who had a restraining order against him after he was arrested in the past on charges of domestic violence against her.

He reportedly did not allow the victim to leave the residence, physically harmed her and threatened to kill her, before he fled the scene prior to police arrival.

Browner, 33, was arrested Sunday afternoon and taken into custody.

He was arrested in 2017 on the domestic battery charge, as well as child endangerment and possession of cocaine, according to TMZ.

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