Senator Mary Landrieu is up for re-election and as usual, she runs as though she’s a moderate but casts her votes with the liberals in the Senate,  approving every big government program proposed by President Obama and his leftist minions.

Sadly, she will attract  support from business people who are in every way conservative, except when it comes to getting goodies from the government in the form of contracts or special tax exemptions for their companies.    It happens just about every time Landrieu runs because, though they give “good government” lip service, what they really mean is they want government that’s good for them, and the rest of the state or country be damned.

Ironically, this short-sighted thinking will only bring long-term problems, as evidenced by the Senator’s deciding vote for Obamacare, arguably the most destructive piece of legislation in the history of this country.  Remember, she sold her vote for the health care act in exchange for some promised (but yet to be delivered) special  treatment -- it became known as the Louisiana Purchase.

But don’t take our word for it.  None other than the bible of the left, The Washington Post, ran a recent article titled:  Sen. Mary Landrieu’s record catches up with her, and we quote:

That Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) is among the most vulnerable Democrats is a problem all of her  own making. Though she represents a very red state, her record is far more liberal. Landrieu has voted for the Obama stimulus, Obamacare, tax hikes, the most anti-defense nominee in history to head the Pentagon and most recently the ludicrous Senate budget that several of her moderate colleagues were smart enough to oppose.

We could not have said it better.  The article goes on to outline how so-called red-state Democrats like Landrieu, talk a good game back home, but vote with the liberal leadership when it really matters.  And it really matters, when it comes to legislation like Obamacare, or regulations that come from Obama’s anti-oil-and-gas Environmental Protection Agency,  or judgments handed down by the liberal Supreme Court justices for whom she is a reliable vote.  All of which are very bad for the people and businesses of Louisiana.

Let’s keep Landrieu’s leftist record in mind as she runs right into her 2014 re-election campaign, or she will, as the Post points out,, “slide through once again  on her wildly disingenuous claim to represent the views of her constituents.”   As we know so well, she doesn’t, and that’s something about Mary we should never forget.


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