I know I am putting the dump truck well ahead of the paving machine on this question but its one that people who live along Verot School Road in Lafayette are already asking. The question,"What about the added noise from the added traffic once the construction is completed?"

Here's the deal. When the Verot School Widening Project comes to a merciful end sometime in early 2019 there will no doubt be more vehicles on the roadway. The surface of the roadway will be concrete. Concrete is more durable but it also lends itself to an increase in roadway noise. That's prompted some residents along Verot School Road to raise the question of sound barriers.

This wouldn't be the first time city officials in Lafayette have opted to reduce traffic noise by the addition of sound barriers. If you think about Ambassador Caffery across from Walmart you have a visual of what might be erected. In fact, this might be the precedent that residents could use to make their case.

It's probably a good idea that the question is being asked now while construction is still ongoing. It might crush the souls of motorists to endure another round of construction once the official widening of the roadway is completed.

It might also give homeowners time to plant some plants that could act as a natural sound barrier to make their neighborhood's even more peaceful.



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