In the coming weeks, the United States Supreme Court is expected to make a major ruling that will send shockwaves through the tourism world. That ruling will determine whether states, other than Nevada, can legally allow wagering on sports.

It's a pretty safe bet that any state with legalized gaming already in place will be salivating at the opportunity for even more tax revenue. Well, every state but Louisiana will be looking forward to the added opportunity to earn extra tax income from sports wagering.

Yesterday the Louisiana Senate Finance Committee voted down proposed legislation that would begin the process of legalizing sports wagering in our state should the Supreme Court ruling go that way. The committee vote was six to three.

Personally, I don't wager on sports because I believe pro sports are made for TV theater and I am not about to put my hard earned money on the skills of an 18-year-old athlete who needed help to score a 12 on his ACT. However, millions of Americans make those bets every day.

Opponents of the legislation fear a spread of gambling. These people must live under rocks or in Grant Parish where the news travels really slow.

The truth is this, people are already betting on sports in the state. Have you ever heard of Fantasy Football? That's sports wagering. Have you ever heard of "buying squares" for the Super Bowl? That's sports wagering. Have you ever played an NCAA Basketball pool? Yep, illegal like parking in the fire lane but still happening every day.

Should the Supreme Court decide that the Nevada rule is no longer valid that giant sucking sound you'll be hearing is the sound of tax dollars heading to Mississippi casinos. At least we can still ticket those Texas motorists for speeding and charge them an insane amount of tax on their fuel.

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