St. Martinville police say they are looking for a van whose driver reportedly tried to abduct two children.

According to the police department's Facebook page, the driver tried to kidnap the children while they were walking along Lewis Street. Investigators say the driver followed the children to the library on Porter Street and tried to lure them into his van. That's when, according to police, the children ran away. The van reportedly turned onto Porter Street and drove away.

The van is described as a white van with dark tinted windows. The license plate number is unknown. The driver is described only as a black male.

Police Chief Ricky Martin says investigators will review surveillance videos from nearby businesses and residences to see if they can learn more about the suspect and his vehicle. He says until then, information about the case will be limited.

"The only information we're getting is from the two little juveniles," Martin said. "They ran home, and told their mom, and their mom called us."

Martin says he's aware of other white van panics that seemingly have popped up more frequently in the last few summers. Still, Martin says he wants to be proactive and prevent anything from happening to any children in his city.

"I'd love to get in front of it," "Martin said. I want to be in front of it before something happens."

Martin says possible witnesses have already reached out to the police department. If you have any information about this case, call the St. Martinville Police Department at 337-394-3001.

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