Each Wednesday morning between 7 a.m and 8 a.m. on KPEL three people who love to give their opinion on everything join the staff of 'Acadiana's Morning News' for Winging It Wednesday.

During the show, three panelists sometimes agree, argue or fight about what beliefs they hold dear.

While Warren Caudle and Carol Ross have been with the program for years the latest addition is Stafford Barnett.

The latest addition to the show loves to wrangle and disagree with the other panelists, and there is no lack of passion on his part.

Part of what motivates him is his hope for the future and his vision of making Lafayette an even more wonderful place to live.

Barnett, who is a father of two, tells Bernadette Lee he just wants an equal playing field for his children and for anyone he encounters.

Join us on this journey to find out more about Stafford Barnett, and listen to his open honestly about he is and what he thinks.