The Duson Police Chief says a man has been arrested for allegedly repeatedly hassling a woman on several occasions over about a five-day period. The man was arrested. There were incidents in which the victim had to deal with this man's aggression.

According to Police Chief Kip Judice, all of this began to unfold on December 14 when the man is alleged to have gone into the store where the woman works and made romantic advances to her. When she rebuffed the man, he allegedly spoke racial slurs to the woman and threatened her. The victim did not call the police. It didn't stop with this incident.

Chief Judice says on December 15 Hogness went back to the convenience store before 4 a.m.  He threw a glass beer bottle at this same woman after a verbal argument. He ran away, but then sneakily came back to watch police investigate this woman's complaint. H was banned from the property and issued a summons. You would have thought things would have stopped, but that did not happen.

Chief Judice says Hogness went back on December 16, and he was issued a summons for Entry after Forbidden. He waited two days then when back on December 18. He drove up in a different vehicle, and he had a different appearance. Hogness was wearing a long coat along with a face mask to try to hide who he was. As if this isn't terrifying enough, Judice says Hogness had a knife. He told the woman the security guard was not there to protect her. Duson Police were called again, and video surveillance showed Hogness had driven up and parked in the back of the convenience store in order to flee. He was arrested and booked into the Acadia Parish Jail. Bond was set at $5,000. More charges could be filed in this scary case. If you know anything about this man or these incidents, Chief Judice asks that you call the Judice Police Department at 337-873-6736.

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