Since Star Wars: Episode 7 is probably the most anticipated movie of the past decade or so, Disney and Lucasfilm were wise to turn the premiere of the first trailer into a bonafide event. Fans flocked to theaters early in the morning just to catch a glimpse of the first footage from the film. Some crazy people (including yours truly) went to a special event where it was screened 40 times in a row. So how do you follow that up? By premiering the next trailer at the world’s biggest Star Wars fan convention and then attaching the preview to the second most anticipated movie of the year.

A new report at Collider confirms what we have suspected for quite some time: the next Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer will make its grand debut at this year’s Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, California. The event, which runs from April 16-20, tipped its hand early when it announced a panel all about the future of Star Wars featuring director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm honcho Kathleen Kennedy. To not include the trailer with that panel would result in riots! Stormtroopers would pull down the scaffolding! The scene of burnt Wookiee would fill the air! Dozens of slave Leias would flee in every direction!

If you can't make it, don't worry, we'll be there and will be reporting live with all the details.

Following Star Wars Celebration, the trailer will be attached to every screening of Avengers 2 when it opens on May 1, which is a wise choice because everyone who sees the latest Marvel movie is going to have at least some interest in the new Star Wars movie. Since the Avengers sequel opens a week early in some territories, expect the trailer to pop up online shortly after Celebration. It’s the only way to combat the poorly bootlegged versions that will swarm the internet otherwise.

In addition to the new trailer, Star Wars Celebration will also feature panels with Force Awakens stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, plus Josh Trank and Gareth Edwards, the two directors of the upcoming Star Wars spinoffs.

Star Wars: Episode 7 opens in theaters on December 18.

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